Additional SLICOT-related software, either contributed Fortran routines, or MATLAB functions, which could not yet be included in the SLICOT Library, can be dowloaded from this page.

Contributed Fortran Routines

  • Miminis.tar.gz
    Contains George Miminis' routines for solving the Pole Placement Single-input or Multi-input (Eigenvalue Allocation) problem, MEVAS and SEVAS (submitted in December 1992).
  • colred.tar.gz
    Contains A.J. Geurts and C. Praagman's routines for computing, for a given polynomial matrix P(s), a unimodular polynomial matrix U(s) such that R(s) = P(s) * U(s) is column reduced (submitted in May 1996).

Contributed MATLAB Functions

    Contains Thilo Penzl's LYAPACK collection for Windows platforms. LYAPACK uses iterative algorithms and is intended for the solution of certain large scale problems in control theory, including Lyapunov and Riccati equations, and model reduction. For further information, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • lyapack.tar.gz
    Contains Thilo Penzl's LYAPACK collection for Unix platforms.
  • lyapack.pdf
    Contains Adobe Acrobat pdf Users' Guide documentation file for Thilo Penzl's LYAPACK collection.
    Contains P.-O. Malaterre's codes (DOS files), based on SLICOT routine TB03AD, for polynomial factorization of large multivariable systems, described in the NICONET Newsletter, 5, pp. 13-20, July 2000.
    Contains mu-norm computation file and test files (based on an algorithm due to Craig T. Lawrence, Andre L. Tits and Paul Van Dooren) for Windows platforms.
  • munorm.tar.gz
    Contains mu-norm computation files for Unix platforms.
    Contains robust pole assignment codes, based on the algorithm of Yaguang Yang and Andre L. Tits (IEEE Trans. Autom. Contr., AC-41, 1996, pp. 1432-1452), for Windows platforms.
    Version 1.5.1 (last updated April 2014)
  • robpole.tar.gz
    Contains robust pole assignment codes for Unix platforms.
    Version 1.5.1 (last updated April 2014)

Vasile Sima, October 10, 2002, updated: September 16, 2014