The production of high quality, portable, and easy-to-use scientific software must heavily rely on rigorous implementation and documentation standards. To ensure such high quality demands for the SLICOT library, the Working Group on Software (WGS) produced in 1990 the

SLICOT Implementation and Documentation Standards,

to which all software submissions for the first two releases of the SLICOT library had to conform. With the new direction in the development of SLICOT, i.e. its transition to a copyrighted library entirely based on LAPACK and BLAS routines, also a change in the documentation and implementation standards was necessary. For this reason a new standard has been developed by the WGS.

The main changes in the new standard consist of introducing new calling sequences for subroutines to conform to LAPACK calling conventions, adopting of new data structures as well as enlarging the Library Index with new chapters and subchapters reflecting recent developments in the computational aspects of systems theory.

To get a compressed postscript version of a report describing the new standard click here. A new version of the Contributors Kit is also available.

Andras Varga,  March 21, 1997
Updated: Vasile Sima,  June 13, 2006